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These are important questions to ask. To help you think through the decision of whether or not - and why - you need a REALTOR®, the team at Lowe's has created this list of why you need a REALTOR®. This list offers advice on how to best work with your REALTOR® as he or she shares smart tips for selling your home fast.

Why You Should Have a REALTOR®

Of all the tips for selling your home, hiring a REALTOR® may be at the very top of the list. If your goal is to sell your home fast, here're the top five ways a REALTOR® can help.

1. REALTORS® Help Price Your Home Right. REALTORS® are well informed about the climate of your local market, so they can help you price your home right, right from the start. For instance, your REALTOR® will recommend a price based on recent sales of similar homes in your area and local market conditions. Studies show that homes that are priced right see offers in the first few weeks. When you receive early offers, you have more negotiating power over buyers and you stand a better chance of receiving competing and/or backup offers. All of this helps you get your home sold at the best price, quickly, and with as little hassle as possible.

2. REALTORS® Help Get Your Home Ready to List. Your REALTOR® will walk through your home, offering an objective opinion about where to focus as you prepare your home to be listed. In addition, your REALTOR® can identify issues or problems that are likely to show up on a home inspection so you can go ahead and make repairs ahead of time. As you work with your REALTOR®, you should plan to give yourself at least two weeks to get your home ready. You'll need at least that much time to make any home improvements and to declutter, clean, and organize your home.

3. REALTORS® Take Care of Open Houses and Showings. When you work with a REALTOR®, you don't have to be present when potential buyers view your home. While your REALTOR® works for you, you're free to visit a coffeeshop or take your kids to the park for about an hour. Your REALTOR® will encourage you to be as flexible as possible about showing your home - and that's good advice. The more often potential buyers can walk through your home, the sooner you'll find the right buyer. Even though it can be stressful to have your house ready to show at the spur of the moment, try to be as flexible as possible about showing availability, and let your REALTOR® put a lock box in a convenient place so that other agents can easily show your home to buyers.

4. REALTORS® Handle All the Negotiation. If your house is priced right, shows well, and shows often, you'll get offers. So, be ready! Again, here's where your REALTOR® can help. REALTORS® can help you think through and decide in advance what price and terms you’ll find acceptable. Then your REALTOR® will help you objectively evaluate the offers you get, handling all negotiations, without ever compromising your position. Remember, your REALTOR® is on your side, ethically bound by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics to always represent you and your best interests. Once you and the prospective buyer have reached win-win terms, your REALTOR® will handle all the paperwork, as well as your home's closing.

5. REALTORS® Know When to Drop the Price - and by How Much. If your home has been on the market for some time without an offer, your REALTOR® can help you decide when to lower your asking price - and by how much. For instance, your REALTOR® can talk you through the pros and cons of one big price reduction versus a couple of small price reductions. In addition, your REALTOR® can get the word out to other agents and the public about changes to your listing. A real estate agent's ability to advertise these changes can lead to bringing more buyers to your home and, ultimately, to finding the right buyer more quickly.

Every homeowner who lists a home for sale wants to sell it quickly and for the best price. By understanding why you should have a REALTOR® working for you, leveraging that agent's experience and expertise, and being as motivated and flexible as possible, you are well on your way to saying, "we sold our home fast" with a REALTOR®.